What people are saying

To my soul clients,

I just wanted to say thank you. Each and every one of your journeys has been so special to me and holds a special place in my heart. Thank you for trusting me with your journey to joy and beyond! I am so moved by your beautiful testimonials! I am forever grateful that I get to do this work and you make that possible.

God truly brings me the most amazing souls to serve.

So much love,

Coach Ash

“Working with Ashley is one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

After just one meeting, things began to shift — her guidance is pure gold and the tools she shares are as effective as they are enjoyable. Once anxious, fearful and insecure, I have overcome trauma and grown into a self-assured solopreneur with a thriving interior design business. I have literally blossomed in every way — professionally, personally and spiritually. 

Forever grateful for her — so glad I made the choice to invest in myself!”
Debbie Marden

Interior Designer, D. Marden Interior Design

Working with Ashley Maven has changed me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. The life I have now I never knew could be possible.

We all have our “stuff” and the beliefs we have held about ourselves and others since childhood. She has continued to challenge me and give me the tools I need to be successful from the inside out.  I have more peace of mind and clarity than I have ever dreamed possible. Every part of my life has blossomed and continues to grow and become more and more easy and relaxed. She has helped me to see the blinders I have held in blocking success and helped me to remove them! 

She has given me the keys to my success I needed to enhance every part of my life. I am forever thankful to this fabulous woman! She gives so much to her clients. Everyone needs an Ashley!!!

So thankful for her!

Jennifer Dallas

President & Principal Designer, Jen Dallas Inc.|Interior Design Studio

“Anxiety, people-pleasing, negative self talk and feeling stuck/stagnant have all been things I struggled with for years both in my riding and just life in general.

Now I’m genuinely excited about the future and go about life and riding in a much more peaceful and joyful way!

I’m just so thankful to Ashley for all her help over the past 2 years. She has been my Emotional Fitness/Life Coach, Horse Trainer, and now my Coach in Joy Rising. All that she’s taught me has made lasting changes in both my horse Auli’i and myself.

We are more relaxed, confident, balanced and are able to really ride with joy and softness between us. ❤️

I am not one to typically promote peeps or things, BUT Ashley has just released a new program for equestrians called Joy Rising. I’ve been doing the program for a few weeks and have worked with Ashley in the past in both horse training and her private life coaching and it’s been life changing!

Please check out her program Joy Rising!”

Michelle Joy

“I’m so thankful for Joy Rising! I’ve been doing 1:1 mentoring with Ash for some time now which has helped me immensely through some very tough periods of my life.

I’ve just started with Joy Rising and now I feel like I’ve got a direct dial connection to Ash in my back pocket!! How good are the “coach me quick” recordings. Oh my! I listened to one on Thursday and it totally changed my mood and thoughts (blessed AND busy!) and then again today, I’ve just gone for a walk with my pup and listened to a few (all taken care of had me nearly in tears as it was soo relevant!) and my goodness, it’s helped shift some heavy energy that was hitting me hard.

Thank you dearest Ash for sharing this wisdom with us. This is going to help soo many people.”

Jenny Orenstein

CEO, Lunalux

“People need to know how fun Joy Rising is!

I want you to know Joy Rising has been so cool for me.

I haven’t even been doing it as much as I should but I have noticed a huge difference in how I handle anxiety, tough conversations, people pleasing. Areas I had already grown leaps and bounds in, over the years but I felt had kinda plateaued.

But now it’s like oh I’m able to implant all this stuff I know but it’s easy now.

And I stop the inward oh no spiral with so much ease now and don’t beat myself up when it starts to happen!

It’s making me realize how cool our brains are, that there’s this whole play side of the brain, that needs healing as much as the think though logic side. It’s so fun!”

Hailey Tucker

CEO, Paved Path Productions

“I joined Joy Rising 3 months ago and I just love Coach Ashley Maven’s faith, energy, support and love that comes through every part of her teachings.

Joy Rising is built to be savored over time…no hurrying through the lessons.

I find myself catching behaviors and thoughts that don’t serve me a whole lot faster than I did before and shifting my thinking to a better place.

Ashley’s love of horses is an added bonus for me but non-horsey people will find gems in this program.

Give Joy Rising a try and FLY!!?”

Patty Voss Hall

Owner, Touch-N-Go Equine Performance Bodywork, LLC

“I have no words to explain Joy Rising except… It sure is well worth my while!!! I am so very blessed by Coach Ashley and her Joy Rising online program.

Thank You Coach Ash for Blessing all of us ‘Joy Risers’!!!”

Cindy Bachman

Cattle Ranch Owner & Commissioner

“Have I told you guys about this amazing gal named Ashley Maven? When I met her I was low. So low. I was burnt out and completely doubted the gifts God had given me. After some time talking with her, praying with her and listening to her words of encouragement and wisdom, I started to see it.

I started to see my inner world changing.

I started to see the potential my life could have! Then I just did it!

I started my own business. Just ME! I was no longer burnt out. I’m paying bills and bringing home money. My home life is better. And better yet my anxiety is practically gone!

All because I changed how I saw myself and my life. Because I took Jesus and made him bigger in my life. I saw my dreams and just chased them! And you can too!! If your ready for a better life full of joy and free from chains, then you need to reach out to Ashley. Never have I met a sweeter kinder soul and I’m so grateful for you, everyday.  “

Grace Katherine Robinson

Owner, Grace Katherine Robinson Horsemanship

“It has been my blessing to have met Ashley; she as helped guide me through my fears and due to her compassion and kindness I have come out a stronger women. I have found the courage to challenge my thoughts and the strength to live a life I deserve, full of blessings and happiness. Thank you Ashley for all that you give.”

Smadar R.


Ashley has had such a huge impact on my life! Through applying Ashley’s guidance and wisdom and receiving her help, these are the major life upgrades I’ve experienced. It’s out of this world!

  • I’ll start off by saying as a Christian believer Ashley has helped me with my relationship with God so much! When I need wise counsel, Ashley is who I go to. It’s incredible how prophetic she is and how she ministers to me, she blows me away how she can deliver wisdom. You know it’s coming from God!
  • I left a job I hated after being there many years and opened up my own successful business doing what I love to do! And I make way more money. I had held onto a job I couldn’t stand because I was scared to leave. But with Ashley’s help, I am successful in what I love doing! In fact my business is so blessed, I often have a wait list.
  • When I met Ashley I was in a horrible relationship and have a history of abusive relationships, today I’m so grateful to be in a loving committed relationship with a wonderful man who treats me better than I’ve ever been treated by a man.
  • I left a chaotic living situation and was able to move to my dream home!
  • My children have been so blessed by Ashley, we all love her!
  • I am the happiest I have ever been and love my new found freedom, peace, and joy!

As others have said, Ashley is the real deal and if you want true change and results, I highly recommend you work with Ashley. If you want real inner healing with results as well as experience life in a whole new joyful way, you’ve come to the right place!

Lisa McDonald

Owner, Lisa's Home Management Services

“All I can say is WOW! I have spent the rest of my day basking in the “feeling” of what you helped (my horse) Rose and I accomplish today!

I have watched the Joy Rising videos and the difference in both of us is astounding…..RELAXATION!!!!

THANK YOU so very much for not only giving me confidence back in what Rose and I can do together, but in giving me HOPE!

Thank you for allowing God to work through you!

Also, the live call in Joy Rising was truly a special time and perfect wind down time after our ride.

I am receiving such beautiful support and encouragement from Ashley and her program Joy Rising and Rose is benefitting as well. Happy Horse Happy Rider!

I honestly think Rose was saying “thank you” That was the first kiss I have received from her and we are going on 3 years together!”

Kim Shinn

“We love being apart of Joy Rising! This is that extra sunshine and love everyone needs in their daily routine! Especially heading into winter to fight off those winter blues. For those of you searching for new beginnings and new joy, Joy Rising is for you!”

Kamille Chlarson

Owner, Ufork Stock

“Working with Ashley this past year in her mentorship program has been amazing.

When I first signed up with Coach Ashley, I wanted to train professional athletes. I thought that in order to climb the ladder as an Athletic Trainer, training pros was the only real way to make money….boy was I wrong…

During our sessions, Ashley taught me to open up and get to know Casey. I used the Sleep Stories nightly, and started a morning routine with prayer and success based reading. I also chose several books off her favorite lists and began reading.

Month by month, I started to notice changes in my thoughts, actions, and words. I started blessing everything and everyone and really connecting to God.

I remember in one session, I told Ashley I didn’t know how to connect to God, and now I pray daily in gratitude.

I also went back to school and received a full scholarship “totally unexpected and out of the blue.”

Now I am able to work from home, work my own schedule and wake up every day and start my day with plenty of time. I no longer punch a clock, scavenge to get clients, or believe that only one avenue will bring me revenue.

She is the BEST!

And I highly recommend anyone looking to change their life to reach out to her.”


Owner, Casey Czuj |Ayurvedic Practioner & Master Powerplate Trainer & Coach

One biggest challenges we trainers face while working with dogs is the human component in the equation. Many people suffer mental blocks, unresolved issues from their past, or just a huge dose of anxiety. These things can cause a lot of delays in repairing the relationship between a dog and their human. I have a friend who used to suffer from many debilitating trauma like those listed above, but she was able to find ways to work through them and now spends her time helping others bridge the gap from being stuck mentally to being able to breathe again.

A handler can not help a dog to be balanced if they themselves are not balanced. If this even remotely sounds like you please reach out to my friend Ashley Maven and let her show you the way.

Stefano Filippelli

Owner & Head Trainer, K9 Intuition

I chose to invest in myself and the results have been completely life changing. I just had my third baby one month before I signed up for Ashley’s 6 month Mentorship. I could think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t sign up now, why it was too much, why I wouldn’t have time to do it, etc. The truth is there are no excuses.

I took the leap and have been beyond grateful ever since. I thought I had a great life before, but Ashley helped me take it to a whole new level. I transformed my practice to only working about 10 hours a week, and making at least twice what I used to make working full time. Some months even three times that. What!! Unbelievable right, but its true.  I now work three mornings a week only seeing the ideal clients that I want. 

She helped me create a big picture plan for my business, all with the foundation of working less, making more, and being happy!!  Ashley is a true genius and a special soul. With her strength, wisdom, sensitivity, love, and guidance she supported me in truly taking my life to a new level. I cant wait to see how my life continues to evolve.

I am forever grateful to you! Love you mama!!!

Mira Rocca MA MFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist & Life Coach, Mira Rocca Integrative Psychotherapy

“Ashley was referred to me by my wife during a challenging time in my life.  …a transitional time when my career was rather stagnant; albeit rebounding from the great recession. When I first began working with Ashley I was growing frustrated with my situation at a job for 2 years finding myself commuting 3-4 days a week for 4.5 to 5 hours a day working as a Construction Project Manager.  Within a few short months I ended up giving my notice and leapfrogged my career to become a Senior Project Manager at an established homebuilder earning 40% more compensation and a 40-minute commute! 

Before I began working with Ashley my views about money were completely askew and associated with childhood/family dramas which served no purpose in my adult life, and most of all were not aligned with my real aspirations. From the initial session of my 6-month coaching workshop, I was immediately hooked.

Ashley guided me in re-programming outdated beliefs about suces and money and it’s role in my life.  I am now equipped with several powerful integrative  excercises that continue to serve as my toolbox for success and creating wealth. 

This life of mine is now completely transformed thanks to Ashley.  

Ashley is truly one-of-a-kind and a life saver.”

Update: Ben now owns and operates his own successful company and did so during his work with Ashley!

Ben Rocca

Senior Project Manager

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend! It was so nice to meet you and I appreciate you taking the time and energy to beat on the door till I let you in! My ah-ha moment finally came at the last campfire…in those last few moments it all made sense and for the first time I think maybe ever I don’t feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ? Thank you so much and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you!” Jess attended a retreat that Ashley was the featured presenter.

Jessica Raymond

Owner, Island Pony Dream Farm

I just had the most amazing session with Emotional Freedom Expert & Success Coach Ashley Maven. I never, ever take time for myself to heal & develop, and she is exactly what I needed. Ashley is beyond knowledgeable in her work, personable & overall just a true gift. I feel like I broke through insane blocks, I feel empowered, overjoyed and ready for life. 

I highly, highly recommend her to ANYONE who needs to transform and bust through anxiety, depression or emotional blocks. She’s the real deal!

Thanks girl so so much!”


“So, today I graduated from my 6 month Money Maven Mentorship with Ashley Maven! Talk about 6 of the most life altering months of my life! It’s unreal how much “stuff” affects your money making abilities that seemingly has nothing to do with money! Some highlights:

  • I overcame visibility issues that kept me from being active on YouTube. I’m now at over 50,000 views.
  • I launched my Major Weight Loss coaching programs and have been able to help a handful of women start the “rest of their lives”.
  • I’m working hard to no longer give energy to opportunities or people that don’t serve me. I’m starting to feel ok with saying “no.” I haven’t perfected it but I’m becoming more and more aware and better and better at letting go.
  • 3 of the 6 months I made more than double the highest amount I had made in any one month the year before.
  •  I created a work schedule and have stuck to it. This means for the first time in years I’ve actually had “free time”
  •  I put together a plan to finish writing and to publish my memoir.
  • I’ve embraced how powerful my mind is and that my thoughts and where I focus my mind matters. & the most major….
  •  For the first time in life I’ve allowed myself to accept God. I didn’t believe at all, for most of my life. I was resistant to believing even though I was kind of feeling it, for the last few years. Today I can say with confidence and certainty that God is helping me to make this amazing life possible.”
Ashley Romano

Major Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Expert, Big Girl Fit Girl

“Ashley’s progam Unicorn School was hands down one of the best investments I ever made.

Ashley truly is a Unicorn and she helped me tame my monkey mind & turn outdated beliefs about money, abundance, and wealth into new ways of thinking that serve me much better.
She gave us so many tools and practices to use, and they really work! I now know to change my thinking and my mindset to align with success. I use what she taught every single day.
In the four month program I saw an increase in my income every month, without working any harder. In fact, I’ve never been more relaxed about my business and I’ve had a flood of creative ideas now that I’m not preoccupied with what isn’t working.
If you are considering one of Ashley’s programs, I highly recommend it!”
Lisa Rose

Love, Dating, & Intimacy Expert

“Thank you Ashley for helping me rid myself of guilt and shame. For helping me see me through my Father’s eyes as a precious son of God, son of a King, who has bestowed all love and favor and blessings on my life!! Thank you for helping my faith go from my head to my heart!”



“Ashley, Thank you so much for your love and support, prayers and help. Thank you for assisting me in opening up my eyes to the wonder and possibility! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and we now have all the tools to continue on in our success journey! Thank you again!!”


Hi Coach Ashley,

Thank you again for teaching The Miracle Life.

This was such a phenomenal class! The Methods that Coach Ashley teaches are simple processes that anyone can use to bring prosperity into their life.

She is so warm, kind hearted, thoughtful, and thorough. She teaches you how to answer your own unconscious limits, and, as a bonus, her Sleep Stories help clear the “junk” from your unconscious mind and move you into your natural state of abundance.

I now have a great relationship with money and know that every day I am taken care of and that I really do have more than enough.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone ready to step into money and receive wealth.


Owner, Casey Czuj |Aryuveda Practitioner & Master Powerplate Trainer & Coach

(Part 1) “Within just two weeks of working on my inner world about wealth and success with Ashley, I landed my absolute ideal job that I had spent months looking for without much success. I was offered $30,000 more than my previous job, along with commissions that will take my salary to a whole new level. I know that without Ashley’s program, I would not have landed this ideal position. With newfound confidence and clarity, the sky is the limit!”

(Part 2) “Working on my “inside world” has brought me the following: a 40% increase in my income after just 3 months, my dream job the following year, and now, my own business, which I knew I wanted for many years but was too afraid to launch until now.

As an owner of my own law practice, I now have the potential to earn exponentially more money (an average of $250 more per HOUR) and I work very few hours each day. The flexibility and earning potential I have now is priceless. I feel secure enough to start a family and still make plenty of money. I also don’t feel the need to chase money, people, or business. The best part is knowing I have acquired the tools to live my dreams.”



(Part 1) “WOW, Ashley is an incredible soul!! I took the Money Maven Intensive with her and that time was jam-packed with all the things that I needed to kickstart my financial freedom. I had been in credit card debt for about a year, never being able to fully pay it off. Ever! It would never get lower than a certain amount (which was still a lot for me) and although my payments on the card exceeded the amount that was left, I was STILL in debt! I could never pay it off!

Ashley has helped me shift my mind dramatically and given me so many great tools to use in my day to day life that have made me happier, more at peace with myself, and inspired to live the life of my dreams.

So after the intensive with her, I decided to teach a class for the first time ever to help bring in some extra cash. Using the tools she taught me, I have filled up over half my class in a short amount of time and it “just so happens” that the income I will receive from the people who have already signed up will COMPLETELY pay off my credit card finally AND leave me with extra spending cash!! THANK YOU, Ashley!!!”

(Part 2) “Unicorn school was the PERECT course for me!!!! Ashley gave us so many insightful tools and teachings to practice and incorporate into our lives. The environment was so sweet and loving and incredibly supportive! I see myself starting to get off track emotionally and I immediately put to use something that Ashley taught me. They work so well! I have literally grown as a whole being and have stepped into a beautiful life!! Thank you, Ashley!”

Gianina Monroe

Actress, Model, & Life Coach, Gianina Monroe Acting & Modeling

“Ashley has phenomenal intuitive abilities and is wise beyond words.  She unlocks, in a systematic and easy to follow way, the path to fulfillment and abundance and it has made a huge difference in my life.  She is also a delight to work with.”

Dr. Cathy J.


“Ashley has helped me overcome anxiety and fears that I could not understand or figure out how to let go of. Her work has allowed me to live a more peaceful and happy life. I am forever grateful to her. Thank you Ashley!”

Stephanie Rose

Independent Consultant and Network Marketing Coach, Arbonne International

“Ashley is truly a blessing. She is so wise and intuitive. I felt like she was reading my mind while at the same time clearing up very old messages and beliefs that I had been dragging around with me. Ashley helps resolves the past in a way I feel more able and free to participate in my life now.

I saw Ashley for the first time in a group class and felt immediate joy. Genuine happiness. I was transitioning through a huge career shift and she helped give me clarity and strength in my decisions.

Also as a marriage and family therapist, I have referred a number of clients to Ashley. Her work is a great adjunct to the therapy I provide.

I am a true believer in Ashley. Since seeing Ashley, I notice life differently. Do yourself a big favor and connect with her. I feel beyond grateful to have Ashley in my life!”

Mira Rocca, MFT

Licensed MFT & Life Coach, Integrative Psychotherapy

”I cannot give Ashley enough praise or accolades!!  Her ability to positively change my life is nothing short of incredible. Ashley turned my life around when I was depressed, desperate, and given up hope that I could change my situation in life. She has cleared my old beliefs that blocked and obstructed my feelings of love, validation, finding my life purpose, and receiving and keeping money.

Ashley has the ability to not only be extraordinary prophetic but to help you in a sincere non-judgmental manner. I always feel comfortable and safe during our sessions.  I can easily say that I am happier now because of her help. I even started my own business!

If it were not for Ashley’s guidance, I would not be as positive, happy, confident, or motivated as I am today.  

My life is undeniably better because of Ashley. What can I say; Ashley is awesome!”

Kathy G.


“(Part 1:) Ashley is Truly a Gift and a Blessing! I had a problem at work that I thought was insurmountable .. (Due to the unruly group of people that surrounded me) . Ashley said she could help.. I gladly accepted .. Not realizing the life changing session that I was about to experience!

Having a session with Ashley feels like you are directly connected to Heaven!

I was totally at ease. Her healing smile was ever present. What occurred after our session was what would be considered a MIRACLE!

Every single person at my workplace causing me issues resigned and brand new, wonderful, loving people took their place! It is an absolute joy at work now!

Ashley is a true light in this world… And a Friend for life.

(Part 2): Had an Amazing Session today with Ashley again! I am soooooo grateful for her wisdom , love and insight. Ashley helps me stay balanced and anchored in to my highest potential.

After leaving Ashley I feel like I have been at a one week healing Spa Retreat. But in truth it was only an hour. I feel completely at peace with every area of my life. Who can say that?!! I owe this all to God and Ashley! Thank you my truest angel friend! ”

Stephanie Jaeger

Singer, Songwriter, & Master Styilist, Stephanie Jaeger Music

“Ashley is an extremely gifted and intuitive!  Her insight is spot on and she is very skilled at excavating the root cause of the issue.  Working with her is easy and graceful.  She is a lovely, compassionate, caring woman who will make you feel safe and nurtured and help you find your highest potential!  Thank you for everything Ash!”

Tiffany Hume

Actress, LMT, CST, Therapeutic Bodywork

“I highly recommend Ashley to anyone that wants to see an improvement in their life. I think that what makes her a great healer is that she truly inspires trust, which I don’t think I ever truly felt with others I had seen before.  This is truly a beautiful quality. In addition, she is genuinely compassionate. Since I started to do sessions with Ashley, I have seen a change in my health and personal well being.  I feel great and  have decreased my medication intake for diabetes.  So I have seen results. Soon I will be back to let you all know that I no longer need any medication what so ever.  Yah!! Ashley’s work is great, so is Ashley!”

Cindy Ruth, PhD

“Ashley, Thank you.  Let me just say, after our meeting my life and energy levels feel substantially better. I felt so relieved and even closer to my better half. I cannot begin to thank you enough…You’ve considerably helped me. I feel so much better because of your service. (My partner)  feels exactly the same.  You’ve provided me with clarity and drive to start something candidly beautiful with my love. I can’t thank you enough.”

Jonathan Moore


“Ashley, I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s session. It was much more than I ever imagined. You are AMAZING. I feel extraordinary, light, free! Slept really good, had many dreams last night. And I feel wonderful today! Thank you for your time. Much love.”

Aida Muniz


“Ashley Maven is so special, I have never felt more comfortable with someone. You have helped so many animals all the way across the states and here in Kansas, without a hesitation. That is UNCONDITIONAL ….a renewed sparkle in their eyes after your sessions and such deep love.  Thank you so much for being on this path!”

Tara Mason

Animal Specialist & Advocate

Please note,  Ashley acknowledges that transformations of this kind can be extremely personal and protects the privacy of her clients.

Upon request names may have been abbreviated or changed.

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